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Winter already? Say it ain’t so

So here I sit on the 15th of November and the temperature isn’t supposed to get above freezing today. Up to an inch of snow is supposed to fall within the next few days, and on Monday the temperature isn’t … Continue reading

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Blogging hiatus over — for now

I had been on a blogging hiatus. I’m not sure why. I just posted my first blog in about six months when I joined a blogging link-up party and wrote about my four-legged running partner. Since last blogging, I’ve run … Continue reading

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Still winter out there

I went for a 4.75-mile run Wednesday. The temperature was in the teens, snow was fully, but the wind was fairly calm. We’ve had winter this January. We’ve also had hints of spring. Wednesday’s run was my first of the … Continue reading

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Whatever the weather

Whether the Weather Whether the weather be fine Or whether the weather be not Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot We’ll weather the weather Whatever the weather Whether we like it or not — Anonymous … Continue reading

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Hello 2013; Janathon kickoff

A sunny day greeted us today, the first day of 2013. I started my month of daily exercise, known as Janathon, by taking the dogs — a 12-year-old pointer/terrier mix and a 9-year-old German shorthair pointer — for a long … Continue reading

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Where have all the apples gone? My son and I went to the farmers market Saturday morning. We bought greens (kale, bok choy, Napa cabbage), tomatoes, potatoes. We saw squash (acorn, butternut, spaghetti), garlic, peppers. What I didn’t see were … Continue reading

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Rain makes car-free living tough

It’s raining today. The temperature is supposed to reach the upper 70s. My computer says it’s 61 degrees outside. In February or March, we’ll welcome 61. Today, it just feels cold. It’s dark. It’s fall. When the sun the shines … Continue reading

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