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Another attempt at Janathon

Two years ago, I discovered the Janathon challenge. I think it was at Fit for 365 where I first read about Janathon. The basic premise of Janathon is to get out and exercise daily during January and then blog or … Continue reading

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Veterans Day: Be a peacemaker

All day today on the radio I’ve heard thank yous to veterans. Before I write something cynical. I want to say “You’re welcome.” I’m not sure what I’m being thanked for. Yes, I spent four years in Uncle Sam’s service. … Continue reading

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Whatever the weather

Whether the Weather Whether the weather be fine Or whether the weather be not Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot We’ll weather the weather Whatever the weather Whether we like it or not — Anonymous … Continue reading

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Is it disrespectful to run in a cemetery?

Originally posted on 90in9:
I love looking at these old tombstones. This person was born in Switzerland in the early 1800s. This question had never really occurred to me before, as one of my favorite races takes place in probably…

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Emily Finch’s 7 Seat Cargo Bike Was Stolen!

I personally have never seen a bike like the one Emily Finch rides, but I sure hope she finds it soon.

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Our car-centric society

I read this blog  Wednesday from a Chicago-area man who gave up his car, and a walk downtown to my favorite bakery to buy a loaf of bread got me thinking about how tied our society has gotten to its … Continue reading

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I smell a rat — a rat race

Better late than never, I suppose, here is my account of the River City Rat Race, a 10K race ran Oct. 27 through Fort Wayne. I finished the race in 59:49. It was the fourth race I entered this year … Continue reading

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