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Bicycles are menace? How about cars?

I sometimes wonder if drivers realize they have a potentially deadly weapon at their disposal every time they get behind the wheel. A few days ago a letter to the editor in the newspaper where I work appeared that struck … Continue reading

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Winter already? Say it ain’t so

So here I sit on the 15th of November and the temperature isn’t supposed to get above freezing today. Up to an inch of snow is supposed to fall within the next few days, and on Monday the temperature isn’t … Continue reading

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Veterans Day: Be a peacemaker

All day today on the radio I’ve heard thank yous to veterans. Before I write something cynical. I want to say “You’re welcome.” I’m not sure what I’m being thanked for. Yes, I spent four years in Uncle Sam’s service. … Continue reading

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Blogging hiatus over — for now

I had been on a blogging hiatus. I’m not sure why. I just posted my first blog in about six months when I joined a blogging link-up party and wrote about my four-legged running partner. Since last blogging, I’ve run … Continue reading

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My running partner has four legs

Shuba, the sweetest German shorthaired pointer you’d ever meet, is my running partner. And yes, she has four legs, and what I like to call a baby tail. Shuba came to live with us three years ago in October 2011. … Continue reading

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