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Emily Finch’s 7 Seat Cargo Bike Was Stolen!

Originally posted on The Backpack Objective:
Since Emily Finch’s bike is so well known in Portland, I can imagine it turning up in another bike friendly town nearby. Let’s keep our eyes peeled!     Bike Portland said what…

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Our car-centric society

I read this blog  Wednesday from a Chicago-area man who gave up his car, and a walk downtown to my favorite bakery to buy a loaf of bread got me thinking about how tied our society has gotten to its … Continue reading

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I smell a rat — a rat race

Better late than never, I suppose, here is my account of the River City Rat Race, a 10K race ran Oct. 27 through Fort Wayne. I finished the race in 59:49. It was the fourth race I entered this year … Continue reading

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