#Juneathon Day 1: A futile search for shoes

My running shoes are shot. They’re wearing out on the soles. They need to be replaced. So on Saturday, I ran to the shoe store where I bought them. When it was my turn, I told the salesman that I wanted to replace the shoes I was wearing with another pair — Merrell Trail Gloves. He said Merrell doesn’t make the Trail Glove anymore and had me try on a different Merrell. It was blue, really blue.

I tried the shoes out on the shoe store’s treadmill. I was keen on the shoes. I tried on a pair of Keens. I wasn’t keen on them either. I left empty-handed. The salesman said the barefoot running craze had died down. He had one pair of Merrell barefoot shoes in my size in stock and said the store would not be getting anymore. He suggested I check eBay to find the shoe I wanted.

Later Saturday, I went online and did a Yahoo (my preferred search engine) search on Merrell Trail Glove shoes, and Merrell’s site came up with the shoe I want. I also found them on eBay for about $35 less than Merrell’s site was selling them for. I know my size, but I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on buying shoes online.

There is a shoe store in town that specializes in running shoes. I’ll check them out before going online to buy my shoes. I’d rather support a local business.

If indeed Merrell has discontinued my shoe, I may have to buy more than one pair while I can so that I have shoes when the next pair wears out.

Are there any barefoot runners out there? What’s been your experience in buying ‘barefoot shoes’? I don’t consider myself barefoot per se because I do wear shoes. Yes, they are minimalist shoes, but they are shoes.

As for my Juneathon run, I ran 3.73 miles (6 kilometers) in 40 minutes and 24 seconds. I also rode my bike about 4.5 miles Saturday.



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I am a runner who doesn't eat meat. We went from September 2012 to March 2015 without owning a car. I haven't purposely eaten meat since 1998 and haven't eaten any dairy since January 2012.
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3 Responses to #Juneathon Day 1: A futile search for shoes

  1. runninginnj says:

    Merrell has the Trail Glove 2 now. I got the new version a couple of months ago from REI. They are slightly different – I had to exchange them for a size down from what I wore in the original trail glove, but now I have the right size I love them as much as the original. I ran 22 miles in them yesterday and they were extremely comfortable.

    • Thanks for reading. And thanks for the comment. I probably ought to make sure I can find them at a store before buying them over the Internet. I’d hate to have them not fit.

      • runninginnj says:

        Or find a website that gives free returns. I think Amazon does for exchanges for different sizes (they also arrange UPS pickup – at least they have when I have sent stuff back before), and it looks like they have them; REI I’m not sure if you pay shipping if you return by mail but you can return to a store (this was the easiest for me, and I wanted to check before I exchanged, but there may not be one near you).

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