30 days of biking challenge becomes National bike challenge

With the turning of the calendar this week from April to May, I moved from one bicycling challenge to another. I successfully rode my bike at some point during each day of April, even if April 2 and April 30 rides were at night on my way home from work. They were after midnight, so they count, right? Now I am participating in the National Bike Challenge.

During April, my late-blooming son became a more efficient bicyclist. He had his own challenge going, getting out nearly every day during April and riding farther and farther from home. His streak ended one day when he took the bus across town to participate in a homeschool art program and didn’t get his bike out later that day when a monsoon moved in and dumped 3 inches of rain on the area. After the rain  stopped, he got his bike out again, only to take a break when a sore throat knocked him off his feet for a couple of days this week.

We cleaned up the garage last weekend and now getting our bikes in and out of the garage has become much easier. We even have assigned parking spots.


It’s nice have a clean garage. We found our missing drill and sidewalk chalk during the clean up. We were able to give away stuff, though several people stopped by looking to buy a bike or two, in particular, my wife’s Schwinn Breeze 3-speed, a bike I got for her birthday a few years ago. It’s yellow and looks like the one she had as a teen and much of her adulthood, only to have it stolen some years before we met.

Back to the bike challenge, our mayor is encouraging our city residents to sign up of the national bike challenge and to ride a ton of mile this month. I don’t know if he rides or not, but he has encouraged bicycling since he took office five years ago. We have bike lanes and bike marking in the streets that we didn’t have before. We also have an extensive trail network that follows the river. That trail network has moved from the rivers in places to connect the far west area of the county with the far east. We have a weekly program that kicks off again next Tuesday called Trek the Trails. People show up a designated trailhead each Tuesday and ride 6-8 miles. The rides are guided by someone from the local trail organization and are really casual rides.





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I am a runner who doesn't eat meat. We went from September 2012 to March 2015 without owning a car. I haven't purposely eaten meat since 1998 and haven't eaten any dairy since January 2012.
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