The agony of de feet or at least of the pinky toe

Tuesday evening I decided to go for a short run while my son was at religious ed. The run turned out to be real short, less than 3 minutes short. I got a sharp pain in the pinky toe on my left foot. I took my shoe off and put it back on to see if that helped. It didn’t. I ended up walking home and then soaking my foot. After soaking it for about 10 minutes, I took a brush that’s meant for rubbing on foot calluses to see that helped. I’ll try running again soon. Maybe Wednesday, but definitely Thursday.

My abbreviated run reminded me of something we were told over and over when I was in Uncle Sam’s Army: Take care of your feet. Apparently, I haven’t been taking care of them as closely as I need to.

One of the top players on our local pro hockey team missed most of the season this year with among other injuries an infection on his foot. His tale of woe should have been a lesson to me to take care of my feet.

I know I need new shoes, and they are on the short list of buys this month. I wear minimalist shoes without socks when I run. I need to take better care of my feet. Take care of your feet, and they’ll take care of you.

As for my 30 Days of Biking Challenge: Monday’s ride was from the library where my wife works to my place of employment downtown — about a 6-mile ride. I also rode home and back for supper. I live about a mile and a half from work. Tuesday’s ride was riding with my son as he rode to religious ed. Then I rode home from church, changed into running clothes to run. Then it was back to church on the bike to pick him up, only I got there about 10 minutes early, so I rode around a nearby neighborhood. Stopped at park where I used to play when I was in kindergarten to get some water. The city hasn’t turned the park drinking fountains back on yet. Oh well. I leave you with this from Seinfeld.


About bluelawscribe

I am a runner who doesn't eat meat. We went from September 2012 to March 2015 without owning a car. I haven't purposely eaten meat since 1998 and haven't eaten any dairy since January 2012.
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3 Responses to The agony of de feet or at least of the pinky toe

  1. MichelleK says:

    I hope your foot feels better!

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