Just like that, it’s an hour later

When I got home Saturday night, I flipped our kitchen clocks forward an hour so that on Sunday, we’re on daylight savings time. Don’t you just love daylight savings time? I know I do. I like that I’ll spend more time riding my bike in daylight from now until October. I don’t like that kids will once again be waiting for the bus in the dark in the mornings.

Here in Indiana, we didn’t embrace DST until recently. And then, it was reluctantly. Former Governor Mitch Daniels persuaded the state legislature to act shortly after he took office, convincing them that Indiana was losing business by not switching to DST. If you’ve ever read Michael Martone‘s Blue Guide to Indiana, you would know that we Hoosiers have fought wars over time, so it’s surprising that Gov. Daniels was able to accomplish what he did without so much as a single weapon being fired in anger.

From Amazon.com

From Amazon.com

Most of Indiana sits in the Eastern time zone. We are on the same time as Boston, New York and Washington. The far northwest corner of the state and the far southwest corner of the state are in the Central time zone, the same as Chicago, Nashville, Tenn., and St. Louis. Many people argue that the entire state should be in the Central time zone. I disagree. I like my sunshine in the afternoon, not in the morning when I’m in bed.

There was a golf course nearby that is on the Ohio line. The owners of the course liked it when Indiana did not go with DST because they got Ohio golfers to come in when they got off work and then Indiana golfers golfed an hour later when they got off work. South of here, there is a town on the state line called College Corners. The school in town is on the state line. In fact, the center line in the school’s gym is the state line. Depending where in town you were, depended on what time it was. People who have lived near the Indiana line with Michigan tell me that it was confusing, especially when someone lived in one state and worked in the other.

Basketball court in College Corners

Basketball court in College Corners

Yes, there might still be some confusion, especially in those counties on the west side of the state that border Illinois but are still on Eastern time. Anyhow, just like that, it’s an hour later.



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2 Responses to Just like that, it’s an hour later

  1. MichelleK says:

    Does that mean Arizona is the last holdout? I think in the summer that we’re happy for it to get dark “early” so our evenings are more enjoyable 🙂

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