Janathon Days 11 and 12: Spring makes temporary visit

Why wait until Feb. 2 to find out if that groundhog saw his shadow. Spring has sprung. At least temporarily here in Indiana. Saturday’s high was 59 degrees F. Friday’s was 58 (a record). Snow, ice? Pretty much gone. Sure, there are few spots here and there that are well-shaded that are still slushy, but the snow and ice from the end of December is gone.

Until Sunday. Sunday’s supposed to bring freezing rain and snow. High temps in the 30s. So much for spring.

Anyway, I took advantage for the weather Friday and went grocery shopping. My son and I, after walking the German shorthair pointer about two miles, we caught the bus and went grocery shopping. We met my wife at the store after she got off work, bought what essentials we could carry and then caught another bus. I had to go to work, so I hiked across downtown with 10 pounds of potatoes in my backpack along with some spaghetti sauce. Then on my dinner break, caught the bus home. I rode my bike back to work after dinner. I think I walked about 3 miles and rode my bike 3 miles. So much for Friday’s exercise.

Saturday, my son and I rode our bike to the science museum to have lunch with a scientist, a monthly program at the museum. We learned about insects and where they go in winter. After the program, we rode home. It was about 2 miles round trip. Then I went for a run. The GSP and I went for a 7-mile run. I had hoped to go probably 8, but time was tight. So I went 7 in 1 hour, 17 minutes and 31 seconds. Then rode my bike to work, home for supper and then back to work. But not home. The rain was really coming down, so I took up my colleague’s offer and rode home with him.

So much for spring in January. Sunday should be a return of winter, and winter temperatures are in the forecast all week. I’ve still got to get my bike home. Depending on how icy things turn Sunday, I’ll either ride it home or walk it home. Stay tuned.



About bluelawscribe

I am a runner who doesn't eat meat. We went from September 2012 to March 2015 without owning a car. I haven't purposely eaten meat since 1998 and haven't eaten any dairy since January 2012.
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