12-mile run and more missed buses

I ran 11.88 miles this morning. I feel fortunate in that I live near an extensive greenway system, which gives me lots of options on where to run every day. Some days, it feels like too many options.

Earlier in the week I mapped out in my mind today’s run and mostly followed my plan. However, when I came to the point where I was planning to leave the greenway, I started to waver and thought about staying on the greenway and head to a different park. Too many options. I stayed with my planned route and am happy that I did.

Intermittent showers were in the forecast for today. Intermittent being the key word here. We left on the bus to go to a wooded park a couple miles from home to go for a hike. When we got off the bus, it was barely raining. When we got to the woods, the rain really started to pick up, then we heard wanted sounded like thunder. We headed back to a shelter and waited and waited. The rain was not going to let up and we heard no more thunder. It was time to catch the bus, so we started heading back to the bus stop. When were about 200 yards from the bus stop when the bus went by. Option 2: Walk home. In a steady downpour.

Being car free in a city with buses that run just every hour can be a bear at times.


About bluelawscribe

I am a runner who doesn't eat meat. We went from September 2012 to March 2015 without owning a car. I haven't purposely eaten meat since 1998 and haven't eaten any dairy since January 2012.
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